Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Get Paid?

 When six Members enroll in your matrix, the Fund pays $100 to you. Members are encouraged to enroll at least two people; however, sponsoring other Members is not required to receive $100 payouts. 


What Is FundMyWellness.Org?

FundMyWellness.Org is a private, promotional program designed 

to help our members increase their financial resources to create 

a more abundant life and lifestyle.  Donations are refundable.


What is a 2 X 2 Matrix?

A 2 X 2 matrix is a method of tracking pay-out status for our members. A matrix looks like a fruit basket.  Four fruit are in the bottom of basket with two stacked on those four and one on top 

of those six.  When the basket fills with 6, 2 plus 4, the member 

on top of the basket is moved off the basket, gets paid $100 and 

is placed in a new basket "matrix" .  Members follow each other 

into new baskets (matrix), generating new $100 pay cycles.

How Our Matrix Works