Short Video - How It Works

 Membership by Invitation Only

This summary is an overview.  We understand that this summary will 

not answer all questions a person may have about our program. 

A more detailed summary is available upon becoming a free Member.

Our Purpose is to generate funds for our Members, thereby increasing their ability to continue purchasing wellness products from any source of their choosing and use those funds generated for any purpose of their choosing.  

To become a  Member, make a one-time donation of $50 to our Advertising Cooperative Program, securing a "Position" or "Prosperity Center" in our matrix compensation plan.  Donations are  fully refundable upon request.

We provide advertising and marketing services  to our members.

Some examples of our advertising and marketing vendors are: and

Members are encouraged to enroll a minimum of two people ($50) into 

the Program; however, enrolling Members is not mandatory.  When new Members enroll into the Fund , they are positioned in a matrix structure comprised of six  (6) Prosperity Centers.  When those “Centers” become occupied by Members, the Fund disperses $100 to the next Member in queue plus $50 to acquire a new Prosperity Center for a total of $150. 

Members receive $20 Performance Bonuses for every Member they enroll (Sponsor). When a new Member donates $50 to the Fund, $20 is paid to  Sponsoring Member and $30 goes into the Fund.  When six (6) Prosperity Centers are occupied by new Members, the Fund will have received $180.

From that $180,  $100 is paid to the Member who is "cycling out" of

the matrix and $50 is allocated to open a new Prosperity Center for

that Member.  Six Members donating $50 produces $300.  Of that $300, 

$120 is paid to the Sponsoring Members, $100 is paid to the next Member 

in the queue (cycling out) and $50 opens a new Prosperity Center for 

that Member to start a new Center.  The Fund receives the balance of 

$30 to pay for advertising, marketing and administrative services.

There is no limit to how many times our Members can “Cycle.”

Each time a Member's personally sponsored people "cycle", the Sponsoring Member receives a $20 Performance Bonus.  Each time a Member cycles, 

a new Prosperity Center is created and our Members repeat the process.  

Fund uses donations to purchase marketing lists of like-minded people and advertise to specific demographics for the benefit of our Members.

For example, “Money from Home - Home Business Owners.”